Miss Coco: MBC's new office puppy

As a creative agency working with clients in the Animal Health and Pet industry, (MBC has won multiple Vet Marketing Awards), we have now added an additional piece to our agency's culture. Research shows that canine colleagues can improve staff productivity and wellbeing: a warm welcome to our new colleague, Miss Coco, the French Bulldog.

Abbey Thomas , one of our Senior designers is the proud mum of Coco, a 9-week old French bulldog. She has a play-pen next to her desk which allows a safe place for Coco to be during work time. She lets her come out, exercise and play with all of us after every nap. “I love bringing her to work. She is really calming and gives great cuddles. She really boosts the creative vibe in the studio. Not only is it good for us but great for her as well. Socialisation is really important for her at this young age and she is meeting lots of different people, experiencing new things and getting lots of attention….and treats!!!"

According to Reed.co.uk, about 8% of employees in the UK have canine colleagues. This practice has been going in the pet sector in companies like Mars Petcare, Pets at Home, Nestle Purina, Blue Cross Vets, Dogs Trust and Pets at Home. It's wonderful to be joining-in on the trend.

At MBC, we really love having Coco around. “As designers, we are always looking for a fresh "boost" of inspiration and I’ll go: ‘Right, I need some puppy love. And off I go to find Coco’,” says Adam Dhaliwal, Head of Artwork. “A few minutes later, I’m a different person.”

We all feel so lucky to have Coco join the team at MBC and we cannot wait to see her every day!

Ally Mansell-Cook
Ally Mansell-Cook

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