Introducing... Vikrant Singh

New blog post, and a new member of the MBC family! We'd like to introduce Vikrant (Vik), who joined us on the 1st of May as our new Business Development Executive. Vik will be working to help bring in new business to further grow the agency.

With a marketing and branding background, and having been a designer and writer himself, Vik possesses a creative mindset and natural understanding of our agency's services. That coupled with the fresh business ideas he has brought to the table, makes Vik a valuable asset for the business. A match made in heaven... we hope!

A few words from the newbie himself:

"I've been at MBC for an entire month now and can genuinely say the experience so far has lived up to my expectations, and some! This is a fantastic agency with so much talent, I've truly been blown away by the quality of creativity and client servicing. That fills me with a great deal of confidence in selling the agency to others. I'm looking forward very much to helping expand our portfolio with even more impressive clients and projects."

We're delighted to have Vik aboard and look forward to exciting times ahead! Before we let you go, we asked Vik our initiation question - 'what is the most creative thing you have done?'... his answer:

"Wow, that's a good question. There have probably been quite a few, but off the top of my head creating something called 'Cakies'. I have a habit of experimenting with making sweet treats, and one thing I've done many times is bake cookies. After many attempts trying to bake the perfect cookie (the perfectionist that I am), I accidentally baked something which seemed like a hybrid between a cake and a cookie. I haven't looked back since and thankfully was able to remember how I did it. I've even considered starting it up as my very own brand, so that's possibly an entrepreneurial venture for the future - think I've just created the brand narrative! So there you go, hope that ticks the initiation boxes."

Well, we weren't expecting that! We look forward to the new business and the 'Cakies' Vik!

To get in touch with Vik, please contact him via email or connect with him on LinkedIn.