What's In An Award ?

I’m going to be super-uncool for a moment. There’s no use pretending I’m not extremely chuffed! Some things I just can’t be blasé about… and one of those things are the Veterinary Marketing Awards. The ‘VMA Awards’ (not to be confused with the super-hot Video Music Awards!) is a ceremony held every year in March – celebrating all that’s great and good about the world of veterinary marketing.
Veterinary marketing is a good chunk of what we do. We understand healthcare, we understand vets, we understand compliance, we understand pet owners, we understand that the veterinary industry is just that, an industry. According to NOAH (National Office of Animal Health), their member companies account for around £625 million in annual UK sales of authorised veterinary medicines*. And successful marketing is paramount for all industries, not least animal health.
As a creative agency it’s natural (and essential!) we understand our clients’ industries…it’s our job to help create awareness, build sales, educate and communicate. And we do that in the way we know how - through creative and effective communications. Results speak for themselves, but so do awards. The VMA Awards are the industry’s ‘pat on the back’ for a job well done. We get together with our clients and other agencies to celebrate the amazing work produced by animal health marketing agencies - and the standard is always remarkably high.
This year we picked up three awards, plus three ‘highly commended' to add to our collection from recent years. Are they gathering dust in a cupboard? Are they nestling amongst Toilet Ducks in the downstairs loo? Hell no. They stand pride of place in the studio – a reminder to the team for their hard work and creativity and giving me the opportunity to continue to be super-proud of everyone’s achievements.
So, “High Five!”, “Big Up!” “Bravo!”. Yep, I’m super-pleased and don’t mind anyone knowing it.

  • This figure is based largely on companies who participate in the NOAH/CEESA independent sales survey, plus a smaller number who provide their sales data separately. This figure is estimated to be around 90% of the total UK market.